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Fright Bites short horror roundup

30 minutes to kill? Tune in for three twisted tales of terror that are short on length but go the extra mile to deliver the thrills.

For this month’s Fright Bites, we’re turning up for some unexpected twists! For less than 10 minutes of your time, discover what happens when a cult’s attempt to summon a demon goes…sexy? Then, take a quick trip to the California desert for a bloody, cathartic hike. And last but not least, we re-visit one of our favorite home invasion films from the festival circuit that is now available for everyone to view! This trio of terrific shorts may clock in at under thirty minutes combined, but we guarantee they’ll satiate your desire for killer horror.

1. Stay (8 minutes)

A cult attempts to summon a demon, but they have to deal with one member who doesn’t want to play by the rules.

Beginning with your average cult of women trying to summon a demon via human sacrifice, Stay immediately grabs your attention. First, the sacrifice does the dirty work herself, and everything seems to be going according to plan. The demon arrives and begins feasting on the offering… that is, until one of the women, Carol (Anna Seregina), gets curious and distracts the beast with her charm.

Annoying her fellow cult members, they are forced to try again the next day. But, this time Carol can’t contain herself. Escalating rather quickly, Stay has all the elements you’d expect from a satanic cult film — and then some.

From filmmaker David Mikalson, who already impressed us with his short film Stuck featured earlier this year at Panic Fest (see our review here), this short is not one to miss out on if you enjoy exploitation.


2. Unwelcome (11 minutes)

Two explorers are in for an unpleasant surprise when they run into two interesting hikers.

Opening on the dusty mountains of California, we’re introduced to two men eyeing a pair of women hikers. Trying to come off as innocent guys just trying to help these ladies get to their camping spot, we can immediately sense there is something suspicious. But the mystery doesn’t just lie with the men; the women clearly have a silent dialogue going on between them as well.

Mallory (Samantha Win from Army of the Dead) seems hesitant to inviting the strangers along, but her hiking buddy Tessa (Dawn Marie) seems to be the leader of the pack and insists. Eventually, Mallory and Tessa let the men help them — until that help becomes too hands-on. Assault quickly comes into play, but Tessa and Mallory are much more prepared than their attackers expect.

Drizzled with social commentary on a subject that often goes without much justice in our reality, Unwelcome offers a dose of revenge we all deserve to see with some pretty neat effects included.


3. Momma, Don’t Go (5 minutes)

A home invasion goes very wrong when these intruders take things too far.

Previously reviewed for our Panic Fest Tricks and Treat coverage and now available for everyone to enjoy, Momma, Don’t Go is a heart-breaking, yet satisfying tale of revenge.

Beginning with torturous scenes of a dead body covered in a bloody sheet and the sounds of a crying young girl, we first see one of the home invaders with his mask lifted. His expression and actions imply he’s the more reasonable of the two. The intruders are dressed in all black, playing with the “good cop, bad cop” scenario.

The crying child is next to her dying mother, begging the intruders to go fetch the medicine she needs. With some convincing and money, the intruders give in and grab the medicine.

We quickly find out what kind of preparation this family has for emergency situations — and damn, is it satisfying! But, you’ll have to find out what that is for yourself!


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  1. on July 20, 2021 at 6:07 pm
    Pete Reisenauer wrote:
    Good Read Nice easy to understand the stories leaves me wanting to watch the shorts.

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