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This installment of the Girls Guide to Horror spotlights classic and modern creature features that every budding horror fan should know.

We started by looking at teenage terrors and then moved to foundational horror classics, followed by essential foreign frights and gothic genre gems. For part 5 of the “Girls Guide to Horror”, we’re recommending some crucial creature features worthy of devouring.

Creature features are always fun and have been a staple of horror from the beginning. People of all ages and demographics love monsters — or at least they should in my honest opinion.

Monsters can either be fun, frightful, or they can be insightful and haunting metaphors for the evils of the world or how people can be deeply misunderstood. There are very few wrong ways to approach monster films, and that’s why the subgenre offers such an abundance of diversity.

No horror education is complete without delving deeper into some creature content. With the number of monster-related horror movies, there’s absolutely one out there for everyone. 

Not a big fan of monsters or don’t see something that interests you? Or are you simply wondering where all the vampire films are? Don’t fret! The next installment will be taking a look at vamps on video.

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