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Girls Guide to Horror Foreign Frights

This installment of The Girls Guide to Horror focuses on exceptional films from around the world that appeal to a younger female audience.

We started by looking at teenage terrors and then moved to foundational horror classics. For part 3 of the “Girls Guide to Horror”, we’re recommending some essential foreign frights that put one or more women front and center. 

I believe that watching foreign horror is an integral part of learning about other cultures, as well as how they approach horror. It’s nice to get out of your bubble for a bit and learn how horror is done around the world; after all, fear is universal, and screams transcend all language barriers. 

I hope this frightful mix of well-known favorites and some underrated gems will help get you started on your terrifying trip abroad. 

Don’t see your favorite foreign horror mentioned? There’s a good chance it might be mentioned in the next list because we’ll be focusing on gothic goodness in the next installment.

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