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This installment of The Girls Guide to Horror focuses on gothic horror gems that belong on every budding horror fan’s must-see list.

We started by looking at teenage terrors and then moved to foundational horror classics, followed by essential foreign frights. For part 4 of the “Girls Guide to Horror”, we’re recommending some classic tales of gothic horror that are as influential as they are timeless.

Gothic horror is a formidable subgenre that horror fans should explore with more depth. It’s often maligned by today’s horror standards and sometimes cast out and decried as toothless. The gothic has eerie and lovely qualities that make it unique. Beauty and terror coexist in the most terrifying harmony in gothic horror. It is the horror of the emotions; sumptuous melodrama at its finest.

Gothic horror is essential to any horror education. Whether it’s one of your preferred subgenres is up to you, but it does help create a richer understanding of what horror is, where it came from, and the genre’s future. 

Don’t see your favorite in this list? As always, stay tuned for the next installment because it might just make an appearance! The next part will be looking at creature (feature) comforts!

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