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Watching horror is a proven date enhancer, and these blood-curdling thrillers are perfect for romantic evenings over popcorn and scare-induced snuggles.

Nothing is wrong with snuggling on a couch with someone special or sitting close together and grabbing each other’s hands during the scary parts of thrilling horror movies. website experts have recently mentioned that watching a horror movie is taken as one of the best dates to move your starting relationships further, based on the survey completed by their users.

There is a perfect intimate setting to place yourself in someone else’s arms. If there’s no blanket to pull over your head, then you have a prime excuse to hold on tight to your gorgeous date. This could also serve as the best starting point of a flowing conversation after the movie.

Horror films are filled with plenty of fun and exciting moments, made even better with a partner you can share your experiences with. Here are a few films that should easily be approved by your date, even if they aren’t a hardcore horror fan — films that have enough scares to keep things fun without giving either one of you nightmares afterwards.

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies blends both zombie and human worlds into its irresistibly sweet plotline. With an adaptation close to that of Romeo and Juliet, a zombie boy falls for a living girl in the midst of an apocalypse. As the love grows stronger, the boy develops more human-like characteristics — shedding a new light on the war between the living and the dead. It is a hilarious horror movie where you can always have a playful argument on who’ll win the battle between zombies and humans.

You’re Next

This is a home invasion thriller where a family reunion goes awry. A family dinner party is interrupted by the arrival of murderers wearing farm animal masks. They begin picking off members of the group until a female protagonist becomes a bit more resourceful than expected. With plenty of bloodletting and interesting characters, this movie could naughtily freak your date into your warm arms.


You and your special one will definitely get goosebumps from this classic thriller. This film features a cast of mavens using their know-how to escape of a killer (Ghostface). The scary parts of it are when the horror movie mavens still find themselves falling for the very same tricks they devised to help out. Watch main characters make decisions that’ll leave you wanting to scream (see what we did there?).

The Cabin in the Woods

The twists and turns in this horror movie will give you a lot to flirt about with your date. The film begins with five adventurous friends setting their holiday in a remote cabin, not knowing their moves are monitored by workers in an underground facility. The workers utilize drugs to begin controlling the fates of the five by manipulating their rational thoughts. This instant cult classic offers a few sultry scenes to keep you guessing at every suspenseful pause. And it really sets the mood for scary movie date-night.

Drag Me to Hell

Drag Me to Hell is a tight supernatural thriller. A woman lets her ambition get the best of her, spiting an old lady interested in loan extension at a bank. The old lady lays a curse on her. Unless the woman can reverse the process within a few days, a demon will appear in broad daylight to grab her soul and drag her to hell. The specter of eating disorders haunts the movie, alongside a classic shock-and-awe horror story.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

This is another classic movie in a peaceful suburban setting for intelligent horror lovers. This film will turn your decent dreams into utter terror. Get ready to grab your significant other’s hands. When a bladed-glove murderer begins haunting people in their sleep, a young girl proves that a string of deaths is attached to one night-time killer. You’ll have the chance to both laugh together, as well as snuggle up in each other’s arms during the classic slasher scares.

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