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We take a detour from our trip across the Eerie USA to chat with author, scholar, and Nephilim expert Ken Ammi (58 min) (11.8.19).

Nephilim interview with Ken Ammi


A few months back, you may recall, I did a podcast just touching the topic of the Nephilim. I say “just touching” for one reason: it is a very deep topic, deeper than I could have imagined. It is so deep in fact that I was contacted by one Ken Ammi to discuss the topic in more detail. In fact, Ken didn’t even cover everything on the topic.

Am I getting ahead of myself? I think I’m getting ahead of myself. First, you might be asking: What happened to the Eerie USA? Well, don’t worry, I’m just taking a little break from it to bring you this opportunity!

Ken Ammi

Secondly, you might be wondering who Ken Ammi is, though you might have heard of him before, or even be a fan of his. Ken is an author, scholar, and all around intellectual. He runs his own website, where he covers an assortment of topics on religion, secular thought, and all kinds of incredibly interesting subject. I highly suggesting taking the time to visit his site, and purchase one of his books – one is on the Nephilim, so if this topic really strikes your fancy, you can get more information there.

But what is Ken discussing in the cast? Well, to sum it up, he corrects some of the information I went over the last time, and explains the difference between Nephilim, Giants, and Raphiam. He talks about timelines and what events lead to the discussion in the first place.

But, for the full thing, you’ll just have to listen!

Note: If you want to catch up on previous episodes, you can find them all at

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