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We continue our tour of the Eerie USA with a trip to Colorado, where we share spooky stories and dare to stand before the gates of hell (15 min) (10.11.19).

Riverdale Road


Much like the Arkansas stories, Colorado has a plethora of scary stories, none of which seem to be too fleshed out. However, there was one place in the Centennial State that stood out amongst the rest; Riverdale road. And, no you won’t find Archie and the gang hanging out on this particular stretch of land.

Stories go back decades about strange happenings going on along Riverdale Road in Thornton, Colorado. People have reported everything from ghosts to demons, and even a gate leading straight to Hell itself. It’s definitely a good ol’ family vacationing spot.

Beyond the paranormal activity that occurs there, it’s also believed that a lot of Satanic rituals and Devil worship happens along Riverdale Road.

Some reports even say that there are always fresh graffiti on buildings along the road, or even headless animals, which we all know are classic Satanic ritual fare (that was sarcasm). Nevertheless, it seems like Riverdale road has more than a few mysteries to investigate, and hopefully I’ll be able to decipher some of them.

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