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As Halloween approaches, here are seven of the most influential, iconic, and unforgettable horror classics to enjoy during your scary movie marathon 

For most of us horror fans, every day is Halloween. But this is the time to take our love of the genre to a whole new level, overindulging in everything creepy, scary, and nightmare-inducing.

Many of us fell in love with horror at a young age. While some were fortunate enough to be introduced to horror by genre-loving parents, others of you got their fix by sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to watch the forbidden, R-rated horror movie. You knew it would give you nightmares…but you didn’t care. In fact, that was a big part of the appeal.

Now that we’re all grown up, our favorite boogeymen, demons, monsters and ghosts may not give us actual nightmares.  But the excitement, and gleeful terror we felt upon our first watch never goes away. 

We pay tribute to the films that have stood the test of time, the fuel for our nightmares, the classics that have terrified and titillated us all throughout the years. These are the icons of horror — the films considered absolute essential viewing for all horror fans, young and old.

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