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On this episode of the “Not Your Final Girl” podcast, we discuss trauma, revenge, and foreign cinema with a very special guest.

THIS EPISODE: Traumatic Revenge w/ Wi-Moto Nyoka

This episode is all about REVENGE and TRAUMA — among other things…several other things.

On this episode, Ariel and Candace are with Wi-Moto Nyoka, the founder of Dusky Projects and host of Black Women Are Scary, talking about elevator scares, haunted libraries, creepypastas, Chris Pine’s face, and of course our films for today: “Apologies,” Episode 2 of The Girl From Nowhere (2018) and The Villainess (2017).

We also talk about radio drama, VPN sponsorships, and why zombies always go right for the guts. We may stray far, listeners, but we always bring it back around. You can trust us.

WI-MOTO NYOKA is a writer and transmedia artist. She is the founder of Dusky Projects, creating and producing horror & sci-fi content for young adult and adult audiences. You can follow her work on IG and Twitter (kind of) @Duskyprojects. If you like podcasts and discovering new horror authors check out Black Women Are Scary,  a radio-dramatic podcast that celebrates and produces short horror stories by BIPOC authors. Available pretty much everywhere .

Check out Dusky Projects at and Black Women are Scary at

Movies discussed:

  • The Girl From Nowhere (2018)
  • The Villainess (2017)


Not Your Final Girl is a podcast hosted by three women (Ariel Dyer and Candace Sluder) just trying to make it to the end of the movie. Join us bi-weekly for deep dives into horror with a fresh take on the genre we love! We’re @NYFGpod on Letterboxd if you want to check out all the movies we’ve talked about on the pod. You can also follow Candace at @crammpuss if you want to peek at what movies might be coming up next.

A proud part of the Morbidly Beautiful Podcast Network. Our drive for intersectionality aligns well with the Morbidly Beautiful ethos. We love that MB is a nonprofit that gives back to the horror community, and are thrilled to be a part of the network.

The original music/theme song for the show was done by Ariel Dyer, Our main show logo/artwork was created by Brian Demarest (@evilflynn on Instagram). 

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