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Beware the siren call of the Nixie, a shape-shifting water spirit of folklore known to lure unsuspecting souls into a watery grave.

Alright, so we’ve been covering a lot of depressing topics lately. Serial killers, true crime, and all that real-life stuff can get to ya after a while. So, this week, I thought we’d get back to our roots and take a look at some folklore, something nice and light-hearted. Let’s talk about the women and child-luring, shapeshifting water horse who used his magical voice to kill. Yup, super light and fun.


The Nixie, which is also known by about a dozen other names (Nixy, Nix, Näcken, Nicor, Nokk, or Nokken, to name a few) is an alluring figure in Scandinavian and German folklore. Much like the siren or mermaid, they would lure people to the water’s edge via their voice or song in order to drown their victim. At least, that’s how some stories go. Other’s say that they would cut deals with people down on their luck in order to get children in exchange for fish, or other resources.

There are also stories involving trickery and wit, as well as ways to defeat this mischievous creature.

As with many of these older tales, they come with morals and meanings, and much of it has been bastardized by the church and Christianity as a whole, which of course is a shame. Nevertheless, the stories of the Nixie are quite fascinating. Join us as we explore this intriguing creature of myth and mischief.



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