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Chaos and Carnage tread into virtually uncharted waters: a film they both agree on! It’s time for Betty White, big crocs, and “Lake Placid”.

You’ll never know what bit you on this podcast.



Horror movie plus Betty White? Double win! Add in a huge ass croc and this is just the trifecta of terrifying. Even with the smarmy writing and geological issues, Lake Placid is deemed a must-watch by both hosts. Oh my god, Becky! Look at their agreement. It is, like, so rare.

If you are a new listener to the PaNcast, be aware there are spoilers and expletives ahead! We break down the movie, go through a summary, offer analysis, trivia, arbitrary awards, reviews, ratings, fanfiction, and more!

“Crocodile takes over lake and things go awry. But no worry as they have a paleontologist and dollar store croc hunter to get them through.” – Carnage’s Five Second Summary. 

Who doesn’t love Maine in the summer? Not even a monster croc can resist the beauty that Maine and its lovely lakes. And then Crocie, as he will now be affectionately named, has the lovely and filthy-mouthed Delores to feed him large farm animals for snacking. Crocie loves it so much, he just decided to set up a home there forever. And then the interlopers of fish and game had to just ruin it all.

I am going to side with Crocie here and say people needed to just stay the fuck away from him.

Also, we are digging the foul-mouthed Betty White playing Delores. Who hasn’t wanted to hear Betty White telling a cop to suck a dick? I can now die happy, just saying.

But alas, the Wrong Bill, aka Bill Pullman; Nepotism Hollywood Style, aka Bridget Fonda; Porthos the Pirate, aka Oliver Platt; and a lovely and charming Irish man, aka Brenden Gleeson, decide that Crocie must either be killed or displaced. Damn you people. Damn you all to hell!

Hopefully, there will be many sequels where Crocie will get his revenge, mwahaha.

Halloween H2O director and a call back to our last Chaos pick, Pumpkinhead, with Stan Winston creature work, make this movie one to watch and make fun of.

Make sure to watch Lake Placid so you aren’t spoiled like Crocie the monster croc. Then join Chaos and Carnage to get the mature review that you have come to expect from them. Clearly, all of you have lowered your expectations by now, no?


Lake Placid is streaming on Starz and Amazon Prime.


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