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Mycho, the micro-budget magicians, are back with another entry in the “Slasher House” franchise — and “Rebooted” delivers the goods.

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The third installment of the micro-budget Slasher House series had its premiere at the Horror on Sea Festival in January and has been met with an incredibly warm reception. It most recently showed at Romford Horror Film Festival on March 2nd.

Long-running independent filmmakers Mycho Entertainment (Hollower, Pandamonium) are a mainstay of the Horror-on-Sea line-up so it good to see their first feature since 2020 welcoming them back with open arms.

Slasher House: Rebooted follows on directly from Slasher House 1 and 2, rebooting the series and bringing the timeline together and Red’s story full circle. We finally get to learn all about the Slasher House and Red’s mysterious, murderous father, as well as getting hit with a few curveballs on the way.

Like Slasher House 2, Rebooted leans more into the action elements of the story, with elaborate fight scenes in which Red is pitted against large numbers of bad guys in the slasher house.

Fans of the series will be delighted to see the return of some much-loved villains, as well as the addition of extremely creative new ones. My personal favorites were the Burny Man and the Prankster.

Considering the budget constraints, the effects in the film are sensational and show a strong evolution in the style of Mycho films over the years.

The signature Mycho elements are displayed with the lighting and music, which show influence from 70s and 80s classic horror cinema.

Mycho always work with a minimal budget and are absolute professionals in how to make the most out of what they have. Each film they make is more ambitious and on a grander scale, but their budget is always next to nothing. Anyone who can keep on pulling that off and knocking it out of the park deserves high praise!

Getting to see a series of different “slasher houses” throughout rebooted was a blast, with the Funhouse being a particular stand-out for me.

We see familiar characters from the Mychoverse banding together to fight their way out of the house. Paris Rivers returns as Eric from Legacy of Thorn, and Luna Wolf reprises her role as Amber from the previous Slasher House outing. They join forces with Redd Nicholson taking over the role of Red and Carly Halse becoming the new Luce.

The cast has great on-screen chemistry, with Halse delivering some brilliant verbal and visual comedy throughout.

It wouldn’t be a Mycho film without some great puns, and there are plenty to chuckle at in Slasher House: Rebooted.

Although this film can be watched and enjoyed without prior knowledge of the Mychoverse, fans of MJ Dixon’s previous work will really get the most out of this one.

For me, being a die-hard Mycho fan, I got to appreciate all of the running jokes and tie-ins from other films, making this a five-star watch when it comes to entertainment value.

Overall Rating (Out of 5 Butterflies): 5

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