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My commute into the office each day is gnarly, to say the very least. I travel from Austin to San Antonio for work, trapped in a car for over 140 miles each day. Trust me when I say that podcasts are quite literally my daily lifeline to any semblance of sanity. I’m grateful each day for this constant source of fresh, easily accessible and highly entertaining content — providing a much needed distraction from the monotony of the endless road.

My tastes are quite varied, and I have a large library of podcasts I tap for news, entertainment, humor, film analysis, interviews, creative inspiration and more. However, I definitely have a handful of go-to podcasts that always suit my mood and never fail to bring a smile to my face. Not surprisingly, my top favorites tend to be horror-related.

I recently discovered a new podcast focusing on 80s horror that almost immediately rose to the top of my playlist. The Say You Love Satan! Podcast is a brilliant weekly 80s horror podcast where hosts Stephanie, Jesse and Melissa lovingly review the decade’s cheesiest and sleaziest fare, in addition to bantering about all things horror.

As odd as it is to say, this podcast truly feels like I’m hanging out with a group of old friends — swapping scary stories, obsessing over our geeky love of all things creepy and freaky, giggling over lame inside jokes and riffing over terrible 80s horror movies we can’t help but feel nostalgic for. The three share a tremendous chemistry (often shared by a fourth special guest each week), and each exudes a natural likability that makes it easy for listeners to feel like we’re just kicking back with our fellow horror junky pals.

While there are certainly numerous podcasts focused on the horror genre, few have that something special that keeps me coming back week to week. The SAY YOU LOVE SATAN! podcast seems to succeed where so many other fail, especially with regards to its surprisingly high production value. Besides being tremendously entertaining in its own right, the podcast truly sounds great.

By incorporating authentic 80s soundtracks and sound bytes for the introduction of each segment, along with smart editing that helps the podcast maintain its breezy and informal charm without the annoyance of awkward pauses and distracting background noise, the podcast has a professional and polished feel that helps elevate it among other similar fare.

While the “meat” of the podcast is certainly the hilarious and endearing play-by-play review of an 80s horror classic, the trio keeps things interesting and unique with several other fun segments prior to diving into each week’s cheesy genre treat. Segments like Pathology Perversions, Talking Shit, Post-Apocalyptic Arcade, Trailer Trash, and The Skin Crawling Creeps serve as delicious appetizers to the tasty main course.

There’s no conflict of interest here…I’ve never actually met Jesse, Stephanie or Melissa. However, it definitely seems like we could easily be childhood friends. And, for an hour or two each week, I feel like I get to chill with some of my best horror loving buds, share a few laughs, and bond over our undying love for the greatest genre of film and one of the arguably greatest decades for horror.

Fellow horror and podcast fans, I urge you to check this one as soon as possible. And, if you love it as much as I do (I know you will!), be sure to leave a glowing review on iTunes and help this show find the wide audience it so deserves. Click the links below to catch previous episodes online, interact with the team on social, support the podcast by purchasing cool shit and subscribe via iTunes.

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