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I recently had a chance to speak with talented LA-based writer/director, Jim Rothman. We talked about his latest film project, a psychological slasher thriller called SCYTHE. Rothman was preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise the additional funds needed to make the film.

After hearing more about the film and Rothman’s vision for a unique and cliché-skewing approach to my favorite subgenre, I was intrigued. After watching his incredible short film version of SCYTHE, I was completely sold.

scythe_screenThe 15-minute short for SCYTHE was originally shot for potential investors as test footage. However, after completing the intensive three-day shoot in Altadena, CA, Rothman and crew realized they had more than they bargained for — more than test footage, they had an actual high quality short film that could be submitted to film festivals to gauge audience enthusiasm for the feature film concept.

The short film premiered at the 2015 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. Judging from festival audiences and reviews from early screeners, Rothman has the making of something truly special. This award-winning writer/director of several short films, including I’m Not Matt Damon, Going Down There and Minutes, is poised to make a huge splash with his first feature film.


SCYTHE is a psychological SLASHER THRILLER in the same vein of Halloween, SAW, and the films of Hitchcock. What sets this film apart from other films in the subgenre is its realistic approach that is respectful of the audience and doesn’t indulge in tired clichés and slasher stereotypes. With a focus on real, three-dimensional characters and an intelligent script, SCYTHE promises to be a very satisfying and suspense-driven horror film.


SCYTHE is about a group of high school girls who are stalked and terrorized by an escaped killer, known as The Grim Reaper, and the disgraced FBI Agent and seasoned US Marshal who are tasked with recapturing the killer.

Based on the short film I screened, audiences can expect to see a beautifully made and engrossing thriller that keeps them on the edge of their seats. This is a film that focuses on suspense, drama, and building genuine fear and terror…rather than relying on cheap jump scares and buckets of blood to compensate for a weak script and shallow characters. But the horror is real, and there will still be plenty for slasher fans to love.


The budget for the film is $100,000, but Rothman has already raised half of that based on the strength of his exceptional concept short. He hopes to raise the other $50,000 through the support of independent film lovers who crave more innovative, intelligent, and anti-establishment genre films.

“Independent filmmaking exists because…of you. Because you care. Because you want to allow us the opportunity to have the ability to make our dreams a reality. We are halfway home. Please help us get the rest of the way there.” – Jim Rothman

As a die-hard fan of slasher films, as well as intelligent psychological thrillers and independent filmmaking, I definitely plan to support this worthwhile film. I hope you’ll consider doing the same. You can donate at Support indie horror filmmaking while picking up some amazing perks. 

Visit to learn more and donate to this incredible film. Don’t forget to follow SCYTHE on Facebook and Twitter for updates throughout the campaign & the production!

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