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There’s an event coming up this week in our hometown of Austin, TX, that deserves some attention. The husband and wife team of Lydia and James Gallardo are very active in their local horror community, heading the Austin Horror Society (AHS) and Theater 13. The amazing group of Theater 13 has screenings of classic horror and suspense films, combined with an interactive, live experience that takes the movie going experience deeper. Sounds pretty cool, right? This week’s selection really embodies what Theater 13 is all about in my opinion.


This is what I love about living in Austin…how downright supportive and active the horror community is down here. The Badlands music venue and bar graciously plays home to the AHS and Theater 13, really catering to our ‘kind of people’. This coming Wednesday on March 23rd at The Badlands, Theater 13 will host the Canadian psychedelic horror film THE MASK.


Join Theater 13 for a psychedelic trip in 3D! We’ll be screening THE MASK, Canada’s first horror film. The story concerns a psychiatrist, Dr. Allen Barnes, who obtains a mysterious ancient tribal mask. Barnes experiences dream-like visions which become increasingly disturbing and violent. The visions begin to alter Barnes’ personality, and eventually drive him insane.

What makes this movie unique is that only the hallucinatory dream sequences are in 3D. The movie warns audiences “PUT THE MASK ON NOW”  to experience the same hallucinations as Dr. Barnes. Theater 13 will provide 3D glasses for everyone. Texas Mojo Man Saul Ravencraft will have his personal collection of haunted artifacts on hand and possibly stir up some spirits. We will also be selling raffle tickets for a dollar for a very cool prize which we be announced later. So come be mystified and join us on a decent into madness which you won’t soon forget!    

In addition this this killer showing, James has also painstakingly created some absolutely amazing homemade horror themed 3D glasses, some of which have already been claimed.

James and Lydia seriously are the epitome of true horror fans. They offer the local horror community a venue to come together, complete with an eclectic variety of genre-themed entertainment, and take their time to ensure some really quality and obscure screenings are had. They’ve created a ‘family’ to which any and all are accepted, and this culture of acceptance shows at all the AHS and Theater 13 events. We encourage you to come be a part of our ‘Island of Misfit Toys’.

The Badlands Austin is located at 1203 Chicon St, Austin, TX,  78702, (512) 999-1917.

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