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Mystery Thriller “The Lightest Darkness” Needs Your Support

We recently discovered an amazing new film currently funding on Indiegogo that we’re excited to share with you. The Lightest Darkness is the first ever female-directed Russian noir film, shot in reverse chronology, from award-winning Russian filmmaker Diana Galimzyanova.

Galimzyanova is a writer and director based in Moscow, Russia. Her four award-winning short films were accepted to over thirty-five festivals in thirteen countries. She is a fan of Old Hollywood and is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock. Her goal with The Lightest Darkness is to make an authentic film noir that stays true to the roots of the style but also has a modern twist.

“Film noir has such a rich history, and I am proud to be able to continue that legacy,” said Galimzyanova. I want to insert that unique, personal perception into the film to make it feel authentic because I want to make a real film noir that is deep and not superficial.”

FILM SYNOPSIS: THE LIGHTEST DARKNESS is a thriller/mystery. The cruel and ironic serial killer has been terrorizing the railroad for the last six months. I.R. Musin, the private eye, finds himself on the train. He’s a clean freak who is on meds. He meets his fellow travelers, Arina the introverted female game designer and Elina Vyasovtseva the mysterious and polite piano player. They ask him to tell a story about his work, and he starts to remember it backwards. The film is shot entirely in black and white and adheres to an authentic film noir style, with no nudity or on-screen violence.

While the absence of gore and traditional genre elements may not appeal to modern hardcore horror fans, fans of Hitchcockian suspense thrillers and those who appreciate the great cinematic classics that inspired today’s modern horror and thriller films should a find a lot to love with this highly original independent film project.

“Although the story is not set in the 40s, all the characters are dressed in the 40s style and use props from 40s. But they also Skype with each other. I see it as an alternate universe where things are a bit different than in our world” adds Galimzyanova.

Another thing that really excites us about this project is that is heavily female-driven. There is, of course, Galimzyanova, the film’s writer and director. But she has also surrounded herself with a great female crew, including Cinematographer Svetlana Makarova, Producer Olga Panina, and First Assistant Director Anastasia Ivanova.

The film, inspired by the pioneer women directors like Ida Lupino, is currently in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign to raise the $35,000 needed to cover the costs associated with the production of the movie. Perks for helping fund the project include a digital download of the completed film, special thanks in the credits, one of the specially made items like a notebook or a wooden lamp, executive producer credit and much more. According to the campaign site, some of the perks might be clues.


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