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Exclusive clip and Q&A at Son of Monsterpalooza promise plenty of bloodshed for Adam Green’s Victor Crowley, the newest addition to the “Hatchet” franchise. 

This year’s Son Of Monsterpalooza played host to some amazing and exclusive panels. Beginning the last day of the successful convention was an unprecedented peek at the upcoming release of Adam Green’s Victor Crowley. 

Victor Crowley

Surprising everyone, Green and company clandestinely completed the next installment in the beloved Hatchet franchise. Crowds gathered at Hollywood’s Arclight Cinema on August 22nd to, what they believed, was a theatrical anniversary screening of the original Hatchet, with Green and stars in person to help celebrate. Instead, they were treated to the premiere of Victor Crowley. He fooled damn near everyone in the most pleasant way possible.

The Victor Crowley panel was pretty packed, despite being the first offering of the day at the convention. Horror fans and Hatchet Army members lined up outside the venue to be able to catch a glimpse of exclusive clips from the film and listen to panel members speak. In addition to writer/director Adam Green, the panel featured some of the stars of the film. Tiffany Shepis (Model Hunger, Tales of Halloween) Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Laura Ortiz (Holliston, The Hills Have Eyes), Dave Sheridan (Scary Movie) and the man responsible for making Green’s insane, no CGI kill sequences come to life, the incredibly talented Robert Pendergraft, all sat next to the filmmaker upon the stage.

Victor Crowley

It was a stacked panel to begin with, and it managed to get even better. Just as mediator Steve Barton began the questions, the side door to the room where the Q&A was being held opened, and none other than Victor Crowley himself entered.

A collective gasp came from us in the crowd as Kane Hodder appeared, surprising even Adam Green. 

On a whim, Hodder decided to happily join his cast mates and director. The horror icon shared, “I’m very proud to be a part of this.” He added, “It’s like a family.” Adam looks like a shy schoolboy, smiling and looking down as Laura Ortiz, Kane Hodder, and Robert Pendergraft praise his work ethic and talent. Kane is sincere when he recalls Adam approaching him initially about Hatchet and the character of Crowley, helping create the next epic addition to American Horror.

“You could tell he was going to deliver,” said Hodder. 

Adam Green has delivered time and time again with his films and various free content for fright fans, including “Adam Green’s Scary Sleepover”, “Horrified” and “20 Seconds To Live”, all made available on the ArieScope YouTube channel.  This guy loves delivering what fans want, probably because he was just a fan at one time too. His days of ‘borrowing’ film equipment with longtime pal and Director of Photography Will Barratt seem to be fondly stuck in his memories, giving him the ability to empathize with those that wish to follow in his footsteps.

Speaking of giving what us fans want, Adam delivers yet again, in an exclusive three minute clip of Victor Crowley presented at Son Of Monsterpalooza in Burbank. 

Let me just say the less you know, the better, as I refuse to spoil the fun to be had with this film. It’s outrageous, over the top and exactly what Hatchet fans want. I also think the scene we previewed would be make a kick ass “don’t talk, don’t text during the movie” PSA that Alamo Drafthouse is famous for.

“Victor Crowley”, the film that was once dubbed ‘Arwen’s Revenge’ to deter unwanted attention during filming, was given standing ovations after it’s two London screenings. After witnessing a minimal glimpse of the film, it’s no wonder why. We get to see one hell of a kill scene involving Horror darling Felissa Rose, with her commenting, “I was hysterically crying, it was fucking terrifying.” Green explained that the cast and crew had very little contact and interaction with Hodder during filming, to help create a horrifying stigma, giving way to genuine terror conveyed by his actors on screen.

The vibe of the panel, as well as the interaction between the actors, practical effects guru, and filmmaker, was incredible. They greeted fans and gladly signed posters and other memorabilia. They were as forthcoming as possible, without giving away the goods for those that have not yet experienced the film.

“We give you what you want,” stated the director, and we all know what that means – a gory good time.  He goes on to say, “Victor Crowley is not a reboot, not a remake.” 

In 2007, when Hatchet initially arrived on the scene, one of the film’s taglines was: Here to Save Horror. I believe it helped do just that. American Horror was a bit stagnate, just yearning for a swift kick in the balls, a new blood, a new breed, and a new iconic killer. Hatchet and the character of Crowley brought all of that and more. Thankfully, with the state of affairs in the country and world as of late, it’s almost refreshing to see a new addition to this bloody franchise. It couldn’t come at a better time.

“Let’s leave the killing to this guy,” Green says as he motions toward Kane Hodder. I couldn’t agree more. 

Victor Crowley begins it’s U.S. theatrical tour October 1st in Dallas, TX and goes on to visit several cities afterwards. Go to to find the complete list of cities and dates.

All panel photos courtesy of Tiffany Blem


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