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Day 11 of the WiHM Massive Blood Drive PSA is “Sammy”, a reminder that sometimes you have to save yourself  to save others.

“We have a fresh new offering for our daily releases of our 2018 Women In Horror Month MASSIVE Blood Drive PSAs. Each year we get locked and loaded and embark on our mission to raise awareness for blood donation and convince audiences to endure just one more tiny prick. This year we have a new artist featured every day and then some as we have an amazing 30 filmmaking teams from across the world!” – Jen and Sylvia Soska

Heros come from the most unlikely places, and the new PSA from filmmaker and photographer Aleah Anseth shows just that. In a confident voice over, bullied child Sammy reminds us that even heros have a beginning.

The newest project from Anseth’s company, Fragment Media, plays like a dedication to all children — no correction, all humans — that endured any kind of abuse at the hands of others. Anseth, a filmmaker from Saskatchewan, Canada was part of the PSA in 2017, and continues to hone her craft by writing and creating independent film projects with her fiance, with the hopes of running her own production company one day. Of this project, she says:


“When Jen and Sylvia asked to me to partake in their WHIM project again I was extremely humbled, nervous, but excited. It’s such a great way to test out my resources and creativity while bringing attention to such an important cause. As blood donations decline, I really hope having a month dedicated to bringing attention to this issue, we will see some brave people rolling up their sleeves, being a hero and saving lives.”

Bullying has always been a strong message, along with giving blood and that girls can be superheros, from the Soska Sisters, which makes “Sammy” fit in so well here.

Check out “Sammy” below.

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