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Terrifying killer clowns and one very real American horror story became nightmare fuel in the premiere episode of American Horror Story Season 7. 

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There’s quite a few indictions that summer is bidding us a fair adieu, and one would be the long awaited return of the mind of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story.

As the seventh season begins, it’s not hard to relate to one prominent storyline — because we in fact all recently lived it. Tonight’s episode was entitled “Election Night”. And no matter what your political stance is, Ryan forced us all to relive the real life drama of the Trump vs Hillary showdown, including actual television clips from that fateful night that shocked the world on November 7, 2017.

Photo credit: Kym Bear (@cantbear2livewithoutit on Instagram)

If that wasn’t nightmarish enough on its own, one popular fictional character from the Murphy-verse made one helluva comic book comeback. As a couple does its best to remind us of the horror etiquette rules of staying virginal, Twisty the Clown interrupts the flow — while paying homage to Jason Voorhees’ best environmental kills.

Enter the main players: Ally, Ivy , and young son Ozzy.

A lesbian couple with a child who breakdowns when the Don wins the presidential election, as many in their circumstances did for fear families would be torn apart. I very much appreciate the fact that more of mainstream is embracing these kind of storylines.

Triggered by the election, Ally (Sarah Paulson) begins struggling again with a lot of old issues and phobias, which she takes up in therapy. Here wife, Ivy (Alison Pill), is a chef in a restaurant the couple owns together. She’s been trying to keep things together and run the restaurant solo, all while having to coldly remind her wife that clowns are not out to kill her.

*I already can’t shake the fact that this relationship is in trouble, because Ivy is already saying she wants more out of this marriage then what she’s been putting up with.* 

Kai (Evan Peters) is our blue haired, pelvic thrusting, cheetos blending antagonist who wants to help make America great again by putting fear into his sister Winter (Billie Lourd), who happens to have a different political stance — yet is so willing and capable of doing Kai’s bidding.

When Winter gets hired to watch Ozzy, we can sense trouble ahead. Best believe she’s no Laurie Strode, but there will be death next door.

I have to give props to the wardrobe department for finding these morbidly beautiful clown costumes. I personally have never been a fan of clowns, so this is the season for me to be surely terrified of red balloons and big round noses.

Another point beyond the blunt racism and ignorance that ensues in this episode, I want to point out this was my favorite title card intro because we get a glimpse of a shadow very much resembling Robert Englund’s most famous horror character Mr. Freddy Krueger himself!

I hope this season stays stronger and more poignant then it’s previous contenders. But we still have another 10 episodes to fear the future and bemoan the state of our world today.

Written by guest columnist Kym Bear. Kym is from the Bronx and started in the entertainment industry working with celebrities and doing PR work since the early 90s She is a published photographer & writer. Hobbyist singer and loves all things creative, especially the genre of horror. 
Follow Kym on Instagram @cantbear2livewithoutit.

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