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best albums of the decade

Take a slow ride down memory lane with our Lead Music Writer’s 25 favorite records of the past decade and her picks for the best album of each year.

It’s the start of a brand new year, which also happens to mark the beginning of a new decade. So, why not look over how things have evolved musically by taking a glance over my top albums of the decade? Join me as I share my 25 best albums of the decade, including my picks for the best album of each year from 2010-2019. Will they all be spooky? No. But they’re all absolutely worth your time. (Note: scroll down to the bottom of this article to read my rules for album inclusion on this list).

There you have it: the 25 albums I consider essential listening from the past ten years.

Now, I can’t tell you what’ll happen over the next decade in music, much less the next year. After all, I don’t have 2020 vision. (Sorry, I had to.) But the past decade was good to me personally (I graduated high school and am approaching the end of my college days, I published my first short story and have a book coming out next year, and I got this job that I love so much), and it’s hard to argue it wasn’t good to us all musically. Here’s hoping the next ten years sounds as sweet.


  • For every year, I chose one (in some cases, two) honorable mentions. These are albums that I love equally but that don’t capture as much of the Morbidly Beautiful spirit.
  • I was thirteen at the beginning of the decade, so this list was based on a far more modern Kirby’s taste. Thirteen-year-old Kirby listened solely to musicals and Regina Spektor, so you can see why I went with twenty-two-year-old Kirby’s tastes.
  • All of these albums are five butterflies in my heart so I’m not bothering with rating systems.
  • This list is my opinion and mine alone.
I hope you enjoyed my list, and I can’t wait to review the next great album of the new decade right here on Morbidly Beautiful.