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Think you’ve had some bad family holidays? Watch the wildly underrated found footage gem “Home Movie” to see what real horror looks like.

Raising children is easily one of the hardest things to do in this world. You have living parasites roaming this earth, depending entirely on you and you alone. While that sounds scary, it gets better with time. Kids grow up, have their own families, and continue their legacy for the foreseeable future. Do I have any experience in this? Hell, no. I just watched Rugrats and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air like the rest of us. I’m only sharing cliff notes.

The struggle with parenthood isn’t the children themselves, it’s how you handle any situation thrown at you by the children. You either discover the correct way to deal with things, or you learn the hard way when it’s the incorrect way.

I can only imagine my family in the future. I find a lovely partner, we grow old together, get a couple of dogs, and have a couple of kids — the whole throw-up-in-your-mouth charade.

Because I’m a horror fan, I’ve, of course, also thought about what it might be like to love someone who becomes possessed by an ancient demon.

Would I try to fight it on my own, hire a priest, sage the hell out of the place? Or would I get creative… like conjuring up another demon and requesting a duel like it’s some sort of evil battle-bot throwdown?

One thing I know for sure I wouldn’t do is disregard my partners’ worries, no matter how crazy they might sound. It’s so infuriating in horror films when a victim can’t do anything to get those he or she loves to believe them. If you truly trust someone, you have to give weight and value to whatever they say and figure out how to get them the help they need.

Now that my sermon is over let’s dig into the found footage feast HOME MOVIE, the 2008 directorial debut of actor Christopher Denham.

Home Movie documents one family’s descent into darkness through a compilation of the Poe family’s homemade video footage. Reverend David Poe and his psychiatrist wife trade hectic New York life for an idyllic rural farmhouse, the perfect place for 10-year-old twins Jack & Emily to run, play and imagine. Documenting this lifestyle change, David decides to film every holiday and special family event. To their horror, their home movies reveal an increasing malice and evil within their children.

Absolutely chilling and surprisingly unheralded, HOME MOVIE will make you thankful your family isn’t less f*cked up this Thanksgiving. 


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