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The stench of love is in the air in “I Was a Teenage Wereskunk”, a delightful and highly entertaining horror/comedy homage to 1950’s monster flicks.

I Was a Teenage Wereskunk (2016) at the Dumpster Drive-In: My quest to find the best worst movie 

Puberty can be pretty bad, but for Curtis (Scott Monahan), it down right stinks.

One night while spying on a sexy lady through her window, he comes face to face with the wrong end of a skunk. But this is no ordinary skunk; this is the “segonku.” Now, whenever Curtis is aroused, he becomes a putrid beast out for blood.

I Was a Teenage Wereskunk really shocked me with just how wonderful it was.

Right from the beginning, the writing and dialogue shine through. With lines like, “You’re thicker than a five dollar malt,” and “Which hooligan has you going to this den of sin?” it fits like a glove into the 50’s setting and is corny enough to be light-hearted and fun.

Aside from the dialogue, the film features multiple tunes that were written for the film, which I find impressive. It even has its own title song, an all-but-thrown out practice among most horror films these days.

The positively delightful writing is complimented with equally delightful acting. From Scott Monahan’s dorky and naïve Curtis, to Sean Cork’s beatnik cool cat Finn Potter, everyone involved exaggerates their performance just enough to be a parody but not feel out of place with the film’s vibe. My favorite character was easily the outrageous suck-up Officer Gary, brilliantly portrayed by Melanie Minichino who also plays Curtis’ mother. Seeing her in two different roles was a treat and real testament to her acting ability.

While the overall tone of the film is comedy, there is plenty of horror to attract genre fans. As the wereskunk terrorizes the town, the scent of death permeates the air from the bodies left in its wake. Faces are slashed, limbs are removed, eyes gouged out, and all are above average effects for the usual indie effort. The gore isn’t the main attraction here but it’s no afterthought either.

Whether you’re a seasoned horror fan looking for a change of pace, a movie lover looking to branch out into indie movies or a newcomer to the genre, I highly recommend giving I Was a Teenage Wereskunk a watch. It’s quirky, hilarious, self aware and bloody enough to satisfy anyone who ever thought, “You know what Grease needs more of? Murder.”

Check it out, currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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