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As we enjoy our post-“IT” horror high, we’re counting the days until Part 2 and fantasizing about our dream cast for the adult Loser’s Club.

Now that many of you have seen the new version of Stephen King’s classic tale IT, we started to think about what surprises will await us in the second part of the story. Will we see Maturin? Perhaps a visit to the Macroverse? Will history repeat itself with ITs final form? Will Ben ultimately end up with Beverly? All interesting questions and theories are bound to come up until we get some concrete answers from the Warner Bros/New Line Cinema.

In the meantime, we thought it would be fun if we shared who we think could best play the adult versions of The Losers Club. Check out our writers’ picks below, and let us know how we did and who your dream cast would include. 

Our participating writers are: Nico Nice, Jackie Ruth, Celia Thomas, Chase Smith, Brandy Benson, and Ahlissa Eichhorn.





Of all the Losers, poor Mike didn’t have much to do in Chapter One, so in order to rectify that situation, someone with great presence is needed. Idris Elba would be my choice to portray adult Mike, as he not only one of the best actors in Hollywood right now, he can get another chance to do another King character justice.


My first thought for casting Mike is, “Who looks like they’d stay behind to run a library? Tim Reid! Wait, he already played Mike in the miniseries… Blair Underwood it is then!” Blair’s roles as a CIA Deputy Director, medical doctor, psychologist, and all around good guy make him a great pick for the sensible, trustworthy Mike. Although Mike is an outsider, he exudes a dependability that Underwood would have no trouble bringing to the film.


Derek Luke would be great as Mike Hanlon because he’s been around and appeared in several notable roles, but still isn’t a household name. His biggest recent role was that of Mr. Porter in Netflix’s Thirteen Reasons Why series, so it’s obvious he can handle roles that deal with tough subjects and can be credible as an authority figure, as is adult Mike’s role in the story.


Instantly I had 2 go-to options in my brain for this character:  1.  David Oyelowo the fine star of “Selma and  2.  Derek Luke.  Luke is a fine actor with a versatile background in TV and films and given the direction that they are taking Mike’s character, he would have to be my choice for this role.


I think Jamie Foxx would work perfectly for Mike. He has tons of experience acting in action movies with serious characters. I think he can fit my image of Mike perfectly. I thought Tim Reid made Mike rather sophisticated in the original, and it’s something I think Jamie would be able to do easily.


Glover was the first actor to come to mind when I first saw the new Mike — he could be his father, which is an obviously good factor when casting adult versions. He’s known for ‘Ultimate Spiderman’, ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, and ‘Atlanta.’ The talent is there, and the looks are definitely there. I have virtually no doubt that he could handle somber Mike.






For those familiar with the source material and the ABC miniseries, we all know what happens to Stanley during the story. Johnny Galecki is the perfect choice to bring that nervousness and hesitation of adult Stanley to the big screen when tasked with fulfilling his blood oath.


I definitely see an adult Stanley as Peter Jacobson. He seems like a hard man to please, especially when it comes to his friends’ belief in a supernatural, multidimensional monster. Always the realistic one of the group, Stanley (as Peter Jacobson) needs ultimate proof if IT is really back in town; I can almost see Jacobson’s eyes darting back and forth as he ponders his next move and if he can handle another run in with IT.


Horror fans will be familiar with Dancy due to his role as Will Graham in Hannibal, and he does a great job with serious roles where he’s somewhat nervous or awkward. He also has curly hair similar to young Stan (Wyatt Oleff).


Stanley is one of only 2 characters where I had only one choice immediately pop in my head and never leave. Stanley  is a character that hides his doubts and fears behind skepticism and humor. However, there is a lasting mark and darkness that is inside him and the actor who plays hIm must be able to bring that humanity to the role.  My choice was clear: Rob Benedict.


Fred Savage would match the curly locks of Wyatt Oleff. It would be interesting to see him in a darker role again. I remember watching him in a lifetime movie co-starring Candice Cameron and I think he could do this role perfectly. All else fails, just cast his brother Ben Savage.


Matthew Goode’s role in 2013’s ‘Stoker’ should be enough to convince you the guy can act. Having starred in ‘The Imitation Game’, ‘Watchmen’, and ‘Downtown Abbey’, his filmography can seem a bit lengthy compared to the others, but his role as Stan would be unfortunately (but necessarily) small, depending on how Chapter Two will be wrote.  He can do serious Stan breathlessly, without a blip.





While he seems like the most obvious choice, he’s also the most sensible choice. Chris Pratt has proven he can turn anything into gold and I firmly believe he would attract a bigger group of people into the theater that might not normally see a horror film.


Lee Tergesen! Pudgy Ben has lost his weight and became a superstar! I picked Tergesen because of one role — Tobias Beecher in Oz. Tergesen can go from a sweet, lovable teddy bear to a cold-blooded killer, just as we see with Ben stumbling over his words with Bev or his booming bravery during the rock fight. Ben has a fire in his soul, and Tergesen’s heart burns there too.


This one may be obvious. Not only is Jason Ritter the perfect age for the role of adult Ben, he’d be fulfilling the same role his father did almost 30 years ago. The younger Ritter is a talented actor who doesn’t get enough high-profile roles, and this would be a perfect fit.


The moment I thought of King’s resident “fat kid”  Ben Hanscom, I knew who I would cast as his adult alter-ego. I always felt like King connected a lot with Ben who was possibly smarter, stronger, quicker witted and tougher than any of the Loser’s Club, but it was hidden beneath the layers of his outward appearance just like his sensitive and protective nature. Those attributes helped him to become “conventionally handsome”, rich and famous. However, his sensitive and deep nature still carry the wounds of his youth in my opinion, and that keeps him a very complex character. This role needs an actor who can be all of those things and convey a lot of different emotions without saying a word. My Choice: JENSEN ACKLES


Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight) would look the best for this part…but he needs a beard. After John Ritter in the original film, I can’t see Ben without a beard. Aaron really suits the image of hot shot architect Ben.

AJ BOWEN (Ahlissa)

Horror fan favorite, Bowen has showcased his chops more than a few times in every genre. He gets terror and understands how to convey or cause it, which is something the above actors haven’t necessarily had a lot of experience with. He’s known for ‘The Sacrament’, ‘You’re Next’, and ‘The Frontier.’





Elijah Wood has shown he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty in genre fare and he would be an excellent choice for the adult hypochondriac Eddie. If you need further please check out THE FACULTY and COOTIES to understand why he would be the best fit for the role.


Although I think this movie would be great with a cast of unknowns, I see an adult Eddie played by Adam Scott. I’ve seen Scott in a bunch of different comedies which makes me think he wouldn’t do that well as Eddie, but his smart remarks at others’ jokes paired with his responsible adult-ness seen in Krampus makes him a strong contender in my book. Plus he’s got that nice swaff of hair that Eddie (probably) would have kept into his adult years.


Eddie was always the smallest of the Losers Club, but not quiet or weak. Connolly shares the small stature of the character and has personality to match that of Eddie, who might be expected to play an important role in Part 2 of the series.


Eddie was one of the more difficult choices for me, though it came down to two choices:  Charlie Cox and Colin O’Donoghue.  Ultimately, I felt that we needed someone who could seamlessly transition from a weak individual to one with great inner strength that exceeded his physical prowess.  My Choice: COLIN O’DONOGHUE.


If only Jake T. Austin was 10 years older, because he looks similar to Jack Dylan Grazer. I think he would be good in a horror movie, but he hasn’t been in one yet. He’s had more serious roles that make me feel that he could really handle the role of Eddie.

SETH GABEL (Ahlissa)

Starring as Cotton Mather on ‘Salem’ and featured on ‘Fringe’, Gabel is a chameleon. His stand out role, to me, was small but impactful as Jeffrey Dahmer in American Horror Story: Hotel. Being 5’11” affects the character description a bit but he can portray the meek but willful Eddie with ease.






I originally had Deborah