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On the last ‘Not Your Final Girl’ episode of the year, we go out with a British bang talking “Egomaniac” and “Censor” with our special guest.


Welcome to the final ‘Not Your Final Girl’ episode of 2021!

We’re leaving this year with a bang, ghouls. Candace and Ariel are joined by writer Alison Peirse for our most British double feature ever: Kate Shenton’s independent dark meta horror-comedy about the nightmares of filmmaking, Egomaniac (2016), and Prano Bailey-Bond’s fever dream of art, unresolved trauma, and video nasties, Censor (2021).

This is one of those film pairings that seem to have nothing in common until you watch them together, otherwise known as our favorite kind.

If you love to see a sympathetic (if not necessarily relatable) character struggle to force the world into the shape she wants it to be, the dark recesses of the inner mind explored, corpses arranged into little tableaus, and/or descents into madness, look no further.

We also talk about Tim Curry playing a terrifying demon creature in Legend (1985), so if you don’t like any of the aforementioned things, at least stay for that.


Alison Peirse is a multi-award-winning horror writer and Associate Professor of Film. Her latest book is Women Make Horror: Filmmaking, Feminism, Genre. She also runs a horror film newsletter, The Losers’ Club, which she thinks you might like.



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