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Fangoria Gorezone’s “Joshua” is an unforgettably chilling look at what happens when the human condition is pushed over the edge and into darkness.

As the saying goes, “Life is what you make it.” Your life is a culmination of all your choices and experiences as you continue to grow. But what if those attributes weren’t yours to begin with?

Fangoria’s Gorezone: Joshua (2006) is written and directed by Travis Betz. The film stars Ward Roberts, Aaron Gaffey, Jeremiah Jordan, Alexa Havins and Jacob Casper as Joshua (age 6). A warm homecoming quickly drudges up old memories as the past comes back to haunt, when Kelby (Roberts) returns to his hometown upon the news of his father’s passing.

After finding an abandoned baby in an alleyway as children, Kelby (Roberts) and James (Gaffey) decided to keep and secretly raise the infant themselves. However, James soon becomes consumed by the experiment, subjecting the newborn Joshua (Brianna Hochstedler) to extreme acts of violence and torture.

What happens when the human condition is pushed over the edge and into darkness?

JOSHUA is arguably one of the greatest horror films ever made; in a sense that it teaches you about life and helps you better understand how it really works. As children, for the most part, you’re taught right from wrong. As a baby you mimic and learn the majority of your imprints from those closest around you. What Joshua does, is gives us a glimpse of what life might look like from the opposite side of the mirror.

What if from birth you were taught nothing but death and destruction? What if instead of being loved and nurtured as a child, you were dealt nothing but severe, unrelenting torment and hatred? What if everything you ever learned or knew was purely and simply evil?

This film is highly underrated and never really receives the recognition it deserves. In fact, it’s hardly ever brought up or mentioned when it comes to the category of extreme horror. It’s a film that even the most hardcore of genre fans rarely talk about.

Everything about this film just screams horror. The fact that it teaches how to cultivate pure evil in real life makes it arguably one of the worst and most sadistic films ever produced. It seriously has to be one of the most fucked up things ever released into the ether. It’s virtually a step by step instruction manual on how to raise a monster. In the words of Kelby, “We get to bring nightmares to life.”

The acting is very pleasant for a film with such a low budget. It’s essentially a c-film that doubles as a b-film. But don’t let that fool you. Joshua is not to be taken lightly. It’s a film that can easily leave deep wounds in your subconscious which might possibly never heal.

The special effects and makeup are very well put together. And despite the lack of budget, it doesn’t shy on the blood and gore. It’s beautifully brutal and nihilistic. It’s a grotesque exhibit of human nature. It provides a glimpse of true evils which reside just beneath the underbelly of society.

It’s a very original, very scary film. The story and dialogue are very entertaining and the concept alone is just something that will people will instantly reject. Family and children are taboo subjects people don’t normally like to touch on, especially in today’s society.

Overall, this is what the horror genre is all about. So, if family is your number one priority in life, I implore you, Do Not watch this film! If you have children, Do Not watch this film! This film is only for the select few! If you’re brave enough, good luck. Just remember to be safe out there, because there could be a Joshua near you.

Currently, Joshua is not available to stream on any platform, but you can pick up a very inexpensive copy of the DVD on Amazon


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  1. on October 2, 2018 at 6:44 pm
    Travis Betz wrote:

    I just wanted to drop you a small note to thank you for making JOSHUA your October pick. When it was released in 2006 it seemed to slide right under the radar. Shortly after our distributor went bankrupt, and Joshua made his quiet exit. Every once in a while someone discovers it, writes about, and it tickles us in the most inappropriate of places. I loved reading your review and it made me hopeful that one day soon we can get it back out to the public through streaming services.

    Thanks for spreading the love!

    Travis Betz

    • on October 3, 2018 at 1:06 pm
      Monster Dugan wrote:

      Thank you so much! I’m not usually one to dispense my secrets when it comes to horror films. But, this film deserves its spotlight. I am honored and humbled by your words sir. And I’d love to help get it back out to the public!

  2. on October 3, 2018 at 1:08 pm
    Monster Dugan wrote:

    Oh, and by the way, I went to high school with Alexa lol

  3. on March 21, 2021 at 6:58 pm
    Kell wrote:
    Terrifying Possibilities I ran across this DVD many years ago and was blown away by the raw horror of the concept, and then years later I searched for it online and could never seem to find it. It left me questioning if I was nuts and if this film really even existed (ahh, the mandella effect!) Such a fascinating concept because it so much deeper than any "low budget horror film" would ever expect to be, really calling into question the psychological concepts of nature vs nurture, of trauma at a young age and how that shapes a person's adulthood especially if they receive no professional help for said trauma, and really makes us question what human nature truly is without rules and socially acceptable taught/forced behaviors. Who are we down in our core, and what are we truly capable of? That in itself is a very frightening question.

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