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We are now accepting genre-related article submissions from guest contributors, including reviews, editorials, lists, film analysis, and more.

Here at Morbidly Beautiful, we are always looking for amazing new talent to join our world-class team of staff writers, featured contributors, and section editors.

Our staff writers contribute content on a regular basis and receive numerous, exclusive perks. However, we are now proud to introduce additional opportunities for more writers and horror journalists to contribute to our site on a periodic basis without a regular contribution commitment.

This is your opportunity to submit articles as a guest writer for the site. If your content is selected for publication, you will receive a byline, which may include a link to your personal site or social media pages.

Begin the Article Submission Process

You may submit guest content on any topic of your choosing, and content may include any of the following:

  • New Movie Review (Streaming or Theatrical)
  • Retro Review
  • Game Review
  • Book Review
  • Other Review (tv, music, product, etc)
  • Horror News or Events
  • Best of/Worst of List
  • Film Analysis/Academic
  • General Editorial/Opinion Piece
  • Original Horror Fiction
  • Interview
  • Other

If you would like to get guidance on your topic idea prior to submission, you may use the form below to contact our editor directly. We’re also happy to provide recommended article topics which may increase the odds of your article being published or expedite publication. 


During the article submission process, you will be given the option to apply for a regular contributor role on the site or to simply submit for guest post consideration. All applicants for a staff writer position on the site are required to submit guest articles prior to consideration.

You may submit guest articles as often as you like, but there is no guarantee your articles will be accepted for publication. We will contact you prior to publication if your article is accepted. Guest writers who have previously been published on the site will receive priority review and consideration.

If we like your article, we may reach our for recommended edits or suggested re-writes. However, due to the volume of content received to the site, we cannot guarantee you will receive editing feedback. You may receive a preview of your post before publication, but we cannot guarantee this. You acknowledge that your content may be edited, formatted, and optimized for our website prior to publishing.

All articles should be a minimum of 300 words, with an ideal word count being 500-750 words for most articles. 

Important: There is no payment for article submissions, published or unpublished. 

Begin the Article Submission Process

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