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The satisfyingly gory sci fi thriller “Defective” shows us a glimpse at a terrifying future, with a strong message beneath the action-packed surface.

DefectiveReese Eveneshen, writer/director of Dead Genesis (2010), has released his newest sci-fi thriller Defective. It is a film that, in an hour and a half, warns us about the dangers of a corrupt and military-run state and the power few can have over a dominating government.

First impressions are important, and what impressed me first up was the film’s introduction.

There is no raspy narrator explaining the situation for five minutes before we meet the main character. We land directly into the apartment of the main character, Rhett Murphy, as he is being reminded by his computer that he is in trouble with the governing state.

What follows are scenes showing the everyday life of Rhett’s sister, Jean, where we witness the intense control and brainwashing the state has over its citizens via Jean’s constant and real fear of breaking any laws (nearly having a panic attack when a new co-worker smokes in the building).

With this comes an immediate tension, especially with the constant presence of the cyborg-like law enforcers that hover over every character, major or minor. Eveneshen makes the smart decision to have the cyborg police officers seem somewhat human. Although they are covered with a suit of metal, they are still human (as you will see in the end).

The film doesn’t lack in vivid horror elements either — delivering visual gore and a chilling scene involving an asylum, men in circus-like masks and a mad doctor with face paint and a wireless angle grinder. The powerful visuals, combined with several climatic hunt and chase scenes, makes this an intense watch.

DEFECTIVE is a film that is filled to the brim with symbolism, addressing issues like government corruption and the creation of a “perfect” society. 

There’s a heavy focus on the use of propaganda and brainwashing of the state’s citizens, with some characters so engulfed in the ideals of the controlling, military government that they become antagonists in opposition to our heroes. The underlying fear is also vividly shown, especially through Jean, with the consequences severe and unknown to the public.

In a world where politics have become so highly polarized, with many leaders putting political affiliation above personal integrity, this movie highlights the importance of individual thought and action — as well as the merits of bravery and unity. It also illustrates the dangers of putting complete trust in a government without any question, especially when, at least in this narrative, the rabbit hole is deeper than one can ever imagine.

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