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The 13 Days of Christmas Horror: LA Zombie Girl counts down her 13 Favorite Christmas Horror films, and The 12 Days of Christmas will never be the same!

Happy Holidays my dark friends! Christmas will be here before we know it, and it’s time for some Holiday horror cheer to make the crowds at the mall, relentless displays of color and (oh, the horror) Christmas music, survivable. I must admit something to you all — shhh don’t tell anyone — I actually work at the mall as a Santa’s helper, shooting children with the Jolly Old Elf.

I know what you’re thinking, naughty, naughty… no, not with guns — shooting photos with a camera silly! I know, I know…but zombies gotta work too. And, not sure if anyone has noticed, but if you mix up the letters, Santa spells Satan. Hmmm……..

There are more Christmas horror films than I thought, and I watched them all in the last few weeks. My poor eyes are tired and bloody!

Since this is a Top 13 list, not all the Christmas horror flicks can be on the list, sorry. But, if you would rather find a severed foot in your Christmas stocking instead of candy, then this list is for you! Put on your worst Christmas sweater, get some snacks and cuddle next to the fire. I need movies like these to balance out my black heart and I hope they will help you stay cold-hearted by the fireplace! Enjoy some yuletide fear!

13) Holidays (2016)

My first in the countdown to Christmas, Holidays is not just about Santa, but all the holidays. Each celebration in this horror anthology is brought to you by a different writer/director duo. Well put together and gory fun to watch, there is something for every type of horror lover. The Christmas segment with Seth Green was terrific! Easter is pretty crazy too — that bunny will haunt my dreams forever! This is a film I missed last year, and I’m glad I found it now. It will make you look at all holidays a bit differently, to say the least.

12) P2 (2007)

My next offering on the list is for those so busy working late on Christmas Eve, that something bad must happen to them. Doesn’t everyone know that? Parking garages are pretty creepy all by themselves, and P2 is no exception to the rule.

Instead of fun with the family, our hardworking girl Angela gets to have dinner-in-handcuffs with her office building stalker. Not a super original movie premise, but getting locked in an empty parking garage with a psychopath is a terrifying thought. P2 kept me on edge waiting to see what kind of revenge she would finally give to this piece of work dude that has her trapped. The song Blue Christmas will never sound the same to me and I think I would like to have someone walk me to my car from now on in parking garages, although that might not have actually helped in this case.

11) Tales from the Crypt: And All Through the House (1972)

Tales from the Crypt gave me my introduction to Christmas horror. I’ve always enjoyed the stories from our favorite crypt keeper and I loved the And all Through the House segment! On Christmas Eve, mom puts her daughter to bed and then kills her husband with the fireplace poker. A regular Christmas party, right? As she disposes of the body, her daughter helps her recover the Christmas spirit, when she invites a demented Santa into the house! Sorry Mom.

PS: The CD of Crypt Keeper songs, Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas that came out in the 90s is amazing too. Out of print, but if you can find it — quite the little Horror Christmas music gem!

10) All Through the House (2015)

Todd Nunes directs this Scream Queen packed, throw-back slasher flick that is hard not to love. The colors and traditions of Christmas are beautifully over-done! The plot follows a deranged masked Santa Slasher who comes to town for some yuletide terror. Santa leaves a trail of mutilated victims on the way to the front steps of the towns most notorious murder house. Ashley Mary Nunes, Melynda Kiring and Jessica Cameron are a few of the scream queens you’ll see. I loved the great twist at the end. May your Christmas be gory and bright with All Through the House!

9) Gremlins (1984)

This movie never gets old for me. I have always thought how cool would it be to be the person who got to put costumes on all the Gremlin puppets! Also, if you want to hear the worst Christmas story ever — the one about the girl’s father in a red suit, who got stuck in the fireplace while playing Santa and they didn’t find him ‘till they could smell him… wow. That poor girl doesn’t believe in Santa anymore!

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