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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6

Sheep and Wolves

Greetings! This episode was essentially a filler after the action-oriented scrimmages of the weeks prior, and IT IS ALL OVER THE PLACE, so I will try my best to make it as cohesive as possible.

We begin with a montage that serves as a debriefing of all the shit that has gone down between the Saviors and Rick’s camp, while simultaneously catching us up with everyone the show wants to remind us still exists. This is done in the form of notes being read between all these characters as an awesome and sweeping score sets the tone.

We see the junkyard acolytes (remember them!?) Just hanging around doing some nude arts and crafts when a pounding at their gates interrupts them. It’s Rick! He shows them polaroids he has taken of the Savior’s losses at their hands. He implores the Garbage Lady (Pollyanna McIntosh) to help him, insisting the Saviors are as good as finished — and will be eliminated a lot sooner with the help of her people. 

She says no flatly and promptly imprisons Rick. “He talks to much,” she muses as they take him away.

Back at the Hilltop, Jesus has all the prisoners tied up in a line outside the gates. He is feeding them small portions of food when Maggie and Gregory approach him with clear objections over wasting food on them. Gregory suggests they just starve out there, implying that it’s what the rest of the Hilltop’s residents all want. Maggie shuts him up and tells him to leave, and he complies.

Jesus and Maggie continue their moral argument over food and the prisoners. Carol tries to talk to Ezekiel who is seemingly locked in the town hall since we last saw him under Jerry’s guard. He declines their entrance. Back in the Mayor’s office, Gregory approaches Maggie. He attempts to convince her that he could be her right hand man, using a skeevy analogy about sheep and wolves, stating they are the Shepherds that keep it all together.

Daryl and Tara converse about how they both want to make short work of Negan. Daryl offers her a speedy solution in the form of the same idea he had last week; just blowing the damn hole in Sanctuary and letting the zombies eat everyone.

Remember Michonne and Rosita?! Well they’re on a personal road trip to catch a glimpse of Sanctuary since they’ve missed out on the action. While on the road, they hear a hymn being played over a loud speaker. Of course, they go investigate.

We transition over to Carl in the forest tracking something. We discover that his target is the survivor he met a few episodes back who Rick scared off. Carl brings him food. Surprised that he’s tracked him so far, and thankful for the meal, he reveals that his name is Siddiq. Siddiq explains to Carl that he is out killing walkers to “save their souls.” He does this because it’s what his late mother believed was the right thing to do, stressing how important it is to fulfill the promises we make to our parents. Carl doesn’t fully agree, saying that if he had followed Rick’s wishes he wouldn’t be there and he wouldn’t be offering Siddiq a home at the Hilltop.

Cut to Henry, the Kingdom’s little slugger who is fighting off two walkers. Carol quickly saves him, but not without scolding him for following her, telling him that little children who walk off by themselves end up as little monsters — truly traumatizing stuff! Henry explains that the Saviors killed his brother and that he wants to fight them.

Meanwhile, over at the Hilltop, Maggie finally agrees to let the prisoners inside, also agreeing to feed them on the condition that they cooperate. Gregory predictably disagrees, explaining that she shouldn’t let people she doesn’t trust enter the gates. Maggie agrees and, in a twist, imprisons Gregory, recalling the conversation they had prior. She explains to him that, being raised in a farm, she knows damn well about Sheep and Wolves. Gregory loses his shit as they take him away in a brazen act of cowardice, and he bangs his head on a gate, blood rushing out, literally adding insult to injury.

Rosita and Michonne discover a weapon cache containing a truck outfitted with large speakers designed to lure walkers away from Sanctuary. Rosita blows a dude up with an rocket launcher in a true HOLY SHIT moment! The truck escapes, but Daryl hits it with a garbage truck out of no where hilariously.

Carol approaches Ezekiel who is in dire straits in his throne room, grasping Shiva’s chain in a state of mourning. Zeke admits to her that she makes him “feel real, and not fiction.” Carol reassures him that he’s real in a sweet pep talk. Zeke does not agree, not wanting to have any part of it anymore.

Maggie explains to Jesus that the reason she let the prisoners back in is to use them as bargaining chips against the Saviors, further explaining that she has no plans of letting them live. I don’t think Jesus is down with that.

Back outside, Aaron is preparing to drive off somewhere when Enid approaches him. She asks him where he’s going, and he tells her that they need a win — he’s going to make that happen. She joins him. Back at the outskirts of Sanctuary, Daryl shows Tara, Rosita, and Michonne just how overrun it is, saying that they can end it right then and there. We end with the Junkyard Acolytes who have Rick locked in a Trailer, naked of course. Because…why not? Great job, Rick!

This week was, again, all over the place. That seems to be the tone this season. However, it did a good job showcasing what’s been going on with Maggie and Jesus’ moral dilemma over the prisoners, as well as provide a small amount of depth into Carl’s character. He’s making seemingly smarter choices and second-guessing Rick, which can be ultimately be beneficial to him.

Speaking of Rick, talk about an idiot move just delivering yourself to the garbage people! I’m sure there will be purpose for this, but it just seems odd to take him out of the fight so close to the mid season finale.

I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering just what the hell Aaron has up his sleeve, and just where the hell they’re going!? Just what is this “win” he’s talking about? While I’m at it, is Daryl really just going togo against Rick’s wishes and blow a hole in Sanctuary? Are Michonne, Tara, and Rosita just going to let him?

So many questions…and just two episodes left! Let’s hope they get answered. Until next week, friends!!!!!

Written by Joe Quinones


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