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In Day 12 of the WiHM Massive Blood Drive, Stephanie Dugan warns why you should be careful who you call a “Bitch” in her wickedly clever PSA. 

“Today we return with an all new Women In Horror Month MASSIVE Blood Drive PSA! We’ve got a new one every day from a new, amazing filmmaking team! Our theme this year is Be A Hero and we’ve sent out the call for all horror fans to prove (once again) that we’re the coolest AND kindest lot there is by donating blood. We’re honored to have an amazing 30 filmmaking teams from all around the world!” – Jen and Sylvia Soska

Today’s horror-iffic PSA comes to us from filmmaker Stephanie Dugan, owner of Late October Productions, a Cleveland-based film and photography studio. Stephanie has been in love with horror and filmmaking since the tender age of 9. Her passion is satanic and monster movies, especially anything having to do with werewolves. She’s currently in the treatment phase for her own werewolf film — putting her passion for lycanthropy to exceptional use in her clever and highly entertaining PSA.

Stephanie had this to say about her involvement in the Massive Blood Drive:

“Blood donating is important to me because I’m aware of just how important it is for those who need last minute saving. The only incentive there is to donate, is the desire to help a stranger in need. You can be giving your blood to a child, an old lady, a mother, a teacher, a priest, a janitor, an artist anyone. Blood is humanity’s bonding lifeline, we all have it and we all can give it to save others.”

She went on to add, “There are some people out there whose life depends on blood donations.  A great way to make an impact is to donate blood and truly save someone’s life. Who knows you can always end up on the receiving end some day.”

Find out why it’s so important to donate blood — AND to show a lady some respect — in Stephanie’s great horror short, Bitch, which you can check out below: 

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