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For Hispanic Heritage Month, we review the Giallo-inspired “The Last Matinee” and dive into the creature feature “It Came From Below”.

The show must go on! Two-thirds of the crew is out, but an old friend drops by to help keep things running. Hispanic Heritage Month begins next week, and we decided to start early with a look at The Last Matinee from Uruguay. We also discuss a creature feature from the United Kingdom. Plus, Halloween is around the corner and we discuss some impressive streaming lineups.


We begin by getting you ready for several weeks of streaming treats in celebration of the Halloween season.

This year’s 61 Days of Halloween from Shudder has an impressive slate of movies, series, and specials. Slasher: Flesh & Blood, V/H/S/94, and Creepshow will all be coming in the next few weeks. Plus, another Joe Bob special. But that’s not all. Netflix and Chills is also bringing the Halloween goodness. There is family-friendly fare, an awesome sounding anthology, and an interactive horror movie starring…The Undertaker?

Next, it’s time for our Movie Review Spotlight.

It Came From Below is a title straight out of the drive-ins of the 1950s. Does the movie live up to that expectation? And can a movie still be good when it paints itself into that type of corner? We also talk about whether the creature feature still exists, the difference between atmospheric dark and annoying dark, and questionable relationships.

Finally, we move on to our Featured Presentation.

Hispanic Heritage Month is coming up, so we travel to Uruguay to visit The Last Matinee. The love letter to Italian Giallo is about a killer who is killing the audience at a movie theater. We talk about if it is possible for a movie to work with little to no plot, creative kills, and whether a Giallo aesthetic still works in the 21st century.

Both It Came from Below and The Last Matinee are currently available to rent or buy on most major VOD platforms. 


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