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Deck the bloody halls with this short but satisfyingly Sinister Christmas Tale from Red Razor Pictures, “Eve of the Nutcracker”.

If you’re like me, you might be spending the next couple of days — leading up to and including Christmas Day— stuffing your face with holiday treats, while getting your frightful fill of delicious holiday horror.

It’s been an exceptional year for delightfully dark and demented Christmas treats.

Our writing staff has been celebrating the best of Christmas horror, old and new, with our very own advent calendar featuring 25 Days of Holiday Horror. 2018 also marked the triumphant return of the incredible Creepy Christmas Film Fest. I’ve had the pleasure of covering the fest’s 25 day advent calendar of creepy holiday shorts, from some of the best and brightest indie filmmakers and artists around.

Before wrapping up my holiday horror watch party for the year, Red Razor Pictures had one final gift for me. The independent film production company based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, was kind enough to send me their latest short to check out.

Eve of the Nutcracker is a a sinister Christmas tale about a beautiful young woman, alone for Christmas, who receives an unexpected gift from Santa — along with an unwanted holiday guest. 

Written, directed, and edited by Kyle Martellacci (who also has a small part in the short), Eve of the Nutcracker perfectly captures the creepy and foreboding holiday atmosphere of classics like Black Christmas. Playing off the (when you think about it, rather twisted) myth of a mysterious man in a red suit, who breaks into your home on Christmas Eve, this short is about a woman named Olivia (played by the beautiful and talented Stephanie Moran) who gets a visit from Santa.

However, in the tradition of the great holiday horror classics like Silent Night, Deadly Night, this Santa is more sadistic than jolly. And when Olivia appears to disrespectful his “thoughtful” gift to her, things take a horrific turn.

As a gift to horror fans, Kyle and the team at Red Razor Pictures decided to put this well-produced and highly entertaining holiday short up for free on YouTube. You can check it out below or at the following link.

We hope you enjoy the short as much as we did, and we hope you have a scary little Christmas!

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