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31 Days of Horror 2016

It’s time for our SECOND ANNUAL 31 DAYS OF HORROR celebration, where we watch and review a new horror movie every day in October. Check out our 2015 line-up here. You’ll find a brief synopsis of each film we watch below.

Click on the film title to watch the trailer and read a more in-depth review. 

October 1: The Dark Tapes

The Dark Tapes definitely holds its own amidst the increasingly crowded found footage and anthology subgenres. It differentiates itself with its creative, sometimes legitimately terrifying, storytelling and innovative plot twists that lend a refreshing take on well-tread material.

October 2: ClownTown

A legitimately creepy and well-made entry into the killer clown sub-genre; featuring exceptional makeup and practical effects, satisfying kills, great visuals, and some truly memorable psychotic clowns — the stuff nightmares are made of.

October 3: Goodnight Mommy

A slow-burning, visually stunning psychological thriller from Austria (with English subtitles) that quietly builds up tension and dread before its explosive finale.

October 4: Tales of Poe

Based on the timeless works of Edgar Allan Poe, three of the renowned author’s most popular stories receive unique retellings; featuring some of the most beloved final girls in horror movie history in new and exciting roles.

October 5: The Barn

An exceptionally fun and nostalgic love letter to 80s horror that features an interesting story, great music and visuals, and inspired creature design; Unfortunately, a messy final act keeps it from being a true Halloween classic.

October 6: Last Girl Standing

Last Girl Standing adds a compelling dramatic element to the traditional slasher film, creating a new, highly original horror classic that is both smart and scary.

October 7: Crawl or Die

Crawl or Die is endlessly claustrophobic, very dark and borderline hopeless, full of heart, and enormously entertaining.

October 8: The Canal

The Canal is a psychological thriller of the highest order that creates an eerie and uneasy atmosphere reminiscent of a Poe or Lovecraft story.

October 9: The Girl in the Photographs

An underwhelming horror thriller that does a great job technically creating suspense and atmosphere, but ultimately fails to deliver due to poor character development.

October 10: Maggie

Maggie is a powerful and fantastic story that every horror fan, every zombie fan, and every fan of film should see.

October 11: BB

True independent filmmaking at its finest, BB offers a revealing look into the dangerous world of cam girls and features an impressive soundtrack, beautiful cinematography, a well-crafted story and stellar performances from its leads.

October 12: She Kills

An outrageous, hilariously brutal, ridiculously over-the-top, and laugh-out-loud spoof of 1970s grindhouse cinema exploitation films.

October 13: Jack Goes Home

Thomas Dekker’s dark and emotional horror thriller may split audiences, but remarkable performances and an abundance of atmosphere make it a unique and compelling watch.

October 14: Killer Rack

Killer Rack is very funny and very confident in what it is: an outrageous and ridiculous screwball tale about boobs that eat people.

October 15: Phantasm Ravager

An action-packed, highly entertaining, and fitting conclusion to the iconic Phantasm franchise.

October 16: Paramedics

This psychological horror thriller is a killer good time, with exceptional gore and true standout performances.

October 17: Stung

A horror comedy with bite, Stung is a fun, lip-biting adventure into a monster-insect-infested dimension.

October 18: Patient Seven

A clever horror anthology featuring creative and unpredictable stories, populated with strong performances and great makeup and effects.

October 19: Cherry Tree

Although beginning with a promising premise and featuring two strong female leads, this is a film that aims for style over substance but fails to deliver either.

October 20: RWD

An original and entertaining horror film that puts a unique spin on found footage films and effectively showcases the work of an exceptionally talented, up-and-coming filmmaker.

October 21: Blessed are the Children

A character-driven, genre mash up featuring a strong lead, gruesome kills, and plenty of nail-biting twists and turns.

October 22: Wyrmwood

This indie zombie film from the Outback is a brilliant love letter to horror, adding a new twist to the zombie mythology and serving up a bloody good time for genre fans.

October 23: All Through the House

One hell of a killer slasher flick!

 October 24: Zombeavers

A ridiculous, over-the-top — but surprisingly believable — horror-comedy that strikes the perfect balance between well-timed humor and gory, fun kills.

 October 25: How to Save Us

Made on a shoestring budget, How to Save Us is a smart, highly original, character-driven post-apocalyptic film — as haunting and heartbreaking as it is horrifying.

 October 26: Home

Even Heather Langenkamp’s strong performance can’t save this disappointing religious-themed supernatural horror film.

 October 27: Intruders

A non-traditional home invasion movie with a fearless script, strong performances, a layered story, and a complex lead character.

 October 28: Trophy Heads

An extremely clever, nostalgic meta-horror blast from beginning to end; plays like a love letter to the genre and the talented scream queens of 80s and 90s horror.

October 29: House of Purgatory

With solid acting, good-looking Halloween set pieces, and a clever script that seamlessly shifts in tone from fun to scary, the film is a great midnight watch in the dark.

October 30: The Id

THE ID is an impressive psychological horror drama that is propelled by the performances of Patrick Peduto and Amanda Wyss.

October 31: Ouija Origin of Evil

With Mike Flanagan at the helm, Ouija: Origin of Evil greatly surpasses its predecessor, delivering plenty of creepy tension, legitimate scares, and exceptional performances.