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31 Days of Horror 2021

31 Days of Horror 2021

When Morbidly Beautiful was launched on October 1st, 2015, our very first feature was a month-long 31 DAYS OF HORROR celebration, where we watched and reviewed a new to us horror movie every day in October.

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At that time, it was mostly me doing the reviews since we were in our infancy, and I had yet to recruit such a stellar team of writing talent. This annual tradition continued for four years, with more and more writers contributing to our curated lists.

In 2019, while we still published a ton of great content throughout the spooky month, we decided to take a break from our 31 DAYS OF HORROR tradition. Then, in 2020, we felt it was important to return given the pandemic lockdown. With our collective need for great streaming content greater than ever, as most of us were forced to forego all other Halloween festivities, we mixed things up a bit and focused on killer genre films that were readily available to stream. We called it 31 DAYS OF HALLOSTREAM, and it was a big hit!

This year, as we celebrate our sixth year in operation, I wanted to return to our roots and revisit the original concept: a brief review of a first-time horror movie watch every day for the month of October. As new reviews get posted, I’ll be adding them to this page along with a brief synopsis. My hope is that you, right along with us here at Morbidly Beautiful, will be able to discover some great new indie horror that may have otherwise flown under the radar.

– Stephanie (The Angry Princess), Editor-in-Chief

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October 1: TITANE (Julia Docournau, 2021)

Surprising at every turn, it’s at times wickedly funny, distressing and revolting, s