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We conclude our recap of the Riverdale series with episodes 21 and 22 of the third season, “The Dark Secret of Harvest House” and “Survive the Night”.

In this bi-weekly column, we have been reviewing the third season of Riverdale, two episodes at a time. This time, we’re wrapping up with the last two episodes of the season. Catch up on everything you might have missed, including recaps for all of Season 1-3, using the links below — or just dive right into to our final recap below.

Season 1 Recaps:
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Episodes 2 and 3: Touch of Evil and Body Double
Episodes 4 and 5: The Last Picture Show and Heart of Darkness
Episodes 6 and 7: Faster Pussycats! Kill! Kill! and In a Lonely Place
Episodes 8 and 9: The Outsiders and La Grande Illusion
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Episodes 12 and 13: Anatomy of a Murder and The Sweet Hereafter

Season 2 Recaps:
Episodes 1 and 2: A Kiss Before Dying and Nighthawks
Episodes 3 and 4: The Watcher in the Woods and The Town That Dreaded Sundown
Episodes 5 and 6: When a Stranger Calls and Death Proof
Episodes 7 and 8: Tales From the Darkside and House of the Devil
Episodes 9 and 10: Silent Night, Deadly Night and The Blackboard Jungle
Episodes 11 and 12: The Wrestler and The Wicked and the Divine
Episodes 13 and 14: The Tell-Tale Heart and The Hills Have Eyes
Episodes 15 and 16: There Will Be Blood and Primary Colors
Episodes 17 and 18: The Noose Tightens and A Night to Remember
Episodes 19 and 20: Prisoners and Shadow of a Doubt
Episodes 21 and 22: Judgement Night and Brave New World

Season 3 Recaps:
Episodes 1 and 2: Labor Day and Fortune and Men’s Eyes
Episodes 3 and 4: As Above, So Below and The Midnight Club
Episodes 5 and 6: The Great Escape and Manhunter
Episodes 7 and 8: The Man in Black and Outbreak
Episodes 9 and 10: No Exit and The Stranger
Episodes 11 and 12: The Red Dahlia and Bizarrodale
Episodes 13 and 14: Requiem for a Welterweight and Fire Walk With Me
Episodes 15 and 16: American Dreams and Big Fun
Episodes 17 and 18: The Raid and Jawbreaker
Episodes 19 and 20: Fear the Reaper and Prom Night

Episode 21: “The Dark Secret of Harvest House” Synopsis

Archie and Veronica, with Mary’s help, decide to finally take Hiram down. Archie challenges Hiram to a boxing match and allows himself to get beaten to a bloody pulp by Hiram in order to distract him long enough to get arrested by FP and his boys. Hiram says he’s been betrayed by Veronica despite literally everything he’s done and Mary tells Archie that she’s proud of him.  He goes to the Pembrooke to talk to Veronica, only to find her in Reggie’s arms. He walks off defeated.

Jughead tries to uncover the identity of the Gargoyle King one last time, following a chain of leads starting with the jester that gave Betty the letter that led her to the King and the Black Hood and ending with Ricky who, with other children, tries to ascend after failing to protect “the Princess”: Ethel, who apparently hasn’t snapped out of her trance. After making sure the children are safe, Ethel fulfills a promise she made to Jughead and tells him who the Gargoyle King is: Jason Blossom, whose grave is empty.

Betty, now staying at the Farm, notices that Evelyn’s connected to a couple medical machines and starts looking into it. Amidst gaslighting from her family about a faux serial killer gene, Betty uncovers the fact that the Farm’s name is extremely literal: it’s an organ farm for Evelyn Evernever, taking kidneys from teenagers to keep her alive.

After revealing this information to Cheryl (who uses it to get Toni out while staying behind), she’s taken out by Fangs and Kevin and strapped to a chair to have a kidney removed.